For over fifty years of Independence , Africa have been depending on foreign rules . Black folk has never have had Control of her Land produce e.g minerals and other natural resources. The bitter Truth is that Black man has been blaming others and talking too much without any Solution to the challenges that we are  facing. Today, Africa is worse than the early days of independence . There are more poverty, diseases, rapes cases, theft , and self hatred than we got our Independence.

Honorable Marcus Garvey once said ,” A race that ia solely depending on the other race for economic development , later dies . This is the case of Africa . We are nolonger living like people who are chosen from the creator of everything. We are no longer living like people of high intelligence . When you take a research on the world problems , you will find that Africa is more sad than ever before.

Africa has more more dictators than the whole world combined Together. Just look at daily blood shedy in Southern Cameroon, just look at terrorism in Nigeria, just look at wars in South Sudan, just look at poverty in zimbambwe, just look the Chinese are coming so strong in africa in the name of investment. Can you tell me, how many jobs has chinese People brought to Africa so far ? Tell me what improvement in technology has China brought to Africa so far? When you find appropriate answers to my questions you will be able to understand that we are our own problems. Africa has never needed China for her development. The development of Africa lies in the hands of Africans .

It is not a secret that Africa has graduates who have been studying, economics, engineering, Doctors, Nurses , Philosophers , Programmers, and Robotics outside Africa . Some have even been to China, UK , Canada, and US but what development have these folks brought to africa’s development?

In all along,  I have been reading posts on Facebook African pages , sadly all what i have been reading is nothing but humbug. We have been slavery , neocolonialism, emperialism, racism , and so on and so forth . But what Solutions have put in place ? For how long are we going to put a blme on white folks? Why can’t we take responsibility upon ourselves to build up our exploited mother land . For how long are we going to be beggars of the World? Even our own money we are begging. Are serious about ourselves?

We are boasting of great pyramids of Egypt, the stolen legacy, bad Education system and lack of employments . So what ? Whom do we blame ? What solutions donwe have to confront these problems? Yes quit alright I really appreciate the great legacies that our ancestors left for us . But are we going to be boasting of our great pyramids forever?  Further more , in 19th century , black folks stopped functioning as the people of high intelligence and the instinct to salvage themselves ( ourselves) from dependence syndrome.

I love the investing systems of Indians. When money lands on the land of Indians, it will go around the society for six months until it builds up something CREATING jobs for the people of that society. But when Africans have money, all what we know is luxury life , buying Gucci’s, RangRovers and most importantly worthless things . The same system is practiced in Jewish society but Indians becomes out the most powerful the whole world. Even black folks can also do it . If we realize that we need to work on ourselves to improve the quality of investment in africa . And it is only us africans can do that for Africa and for Africans . Not any other race. Now the only problem is that we talk too much of the past and soon nothing at all at the end of the day . Now who do we blame ? 

My humble request to every black folk out there is that let’s come together as one people and invest in Africa societies. It’s time we show the world that we can do it without China, India , and Europe because Africa has everything that it takes to build a strong economic foundation.

All in all , I want to ask my fellow Youths out their to stop blaming these old Politicians who have in 50+ failed us . It’s time as youths we come together and fix our minds and find solutions to these problems that we facing . Talking too much and blaming others will give us nothing but regrets in 30 to 50 years from now . Yes we can do it and through togetherness that we can achieve our goals not through talking, talking and talking without solutions.




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