Many are times when ‘we’ as black people never recognize that our legacy was stolen. We don’t really remember that we are the cradles of everything on this Earth. Before there was Science anywhere in the world, Africa had Science, fellows our history did not come in existence during the slave trade . NO! We had our rich history before Caucasians came to learn our history , culture, science, Economics , mathematics, astronomy extra .

Lackly , all our way of doing things were robbed, all our treasures were robbed , and everything that our ancestors invented was maliciously robbed .  Sadly, Caucasians have not appriciated this this , instead they keep on telling us that africa did not invent anything. When missionaries, Discoverers came to Africa , they found gurus, diplomats , sages , and intellectuals  who were not selfish. They wanted to learn from other people’s views on the DEVELOPMENT of the world but unfortunately, these criminals and pagans only came to do nothing else but to rob our wisdom and took it to their countries .

Arguably, one can not discover something where they are people who have been living for thousands of years before those who claim to have discovered everything in the world. Unless there is something wrong with that person’s thinking.

Wherein, we did not learn anything about our history . We don’t know about ourselves . As a result of this, we have taken everything to blame others for mistreating us .for exploiting our natural resources. For miseducating us . For miadressing us extra . Today millions of black people are learned but what has our Education impacted on the development of continent? Absolutely nothing. Our natural resources are in the hands of our former slave masters . Hence we exchange them with a simple printed paper . Do we know the value of gold on this  Earth ? I think we don’t know anything about this . Honestly, speaking if we really would have known the value of gold and copper the better we would have been in this world. We would have been the most powerful people on Earth just like our ancestors were.

We are slaves, financial slaves, I have to say even worse than when the Caucasian came to Africa to raid our vi lages and take our human beings into slavery. I am pretty anxious for my people, because I accept as true with that in the subsequent 20 to 50 years, the Black race would descend further into the abyss of the world’s totem economic pole unless we do something about it proper now. I know I am opening a can of worms or the so-ca led Pandora’s box, when I convey up the reality that the docility of the Black race has been puzzled and his inte ligence debated when measured towards yardsticks of success in different categories. But we are quick to point out our successes in the fields of sports activities and music, and attribute our disasters in most different areas to the persecution we have suffered in the fingers of first the Caucasians, and lately to the Chinese, the Japanese, the Indians or even the Koreans. We have answers to each charge of failure we have incurred on ourselves: the reply is blame others for our failures. Let’s take slavery for instance. We attribute everything that has came about to the Black race to slavery. We delude ourselves about African Kingdoms which had thrived earlier than the onslaught of first the Arabs, and later the Caucasians. We discuss about the Pyramids of Egypt, the magnificent empire of Mali and the studying capital of Timbuktu. Yes, I am confined to agree that these have been gorgeous legacies that our ancestors left us, but one cannot deny the fact that in the Middle Passage of the 19th century we stopped functioning as a people with inte ligence and the instinct to shield ourselves. In the seventeenth century, more than 36 mi lion African men and ladies were taken into slavery and delivered to the shores of America. Of that 36 mi lion, greater than 18 mi lion died in the Trans-Atlantic crossings. Listen, don’t get me wrong. We are speakme of over 36 million African guys and ladies who had been rounded up with the aid of a handful of Caucasians and our ancestors ought to no longer do a lot to give up the onslaught. This is just a small group of Caucasian men coming into our midst and we ran helter-skelter, except any tons protection to quit the rape and incarceration of our Kings and Queens. Am I supposed to take delight in te ling this story, which we as a people have finished nothing to stop from taking place again, and which is in truth even taking place at a larger frightening velocity than in the seventeenth century?  

Fellow mighty race, bilions and billions dollars of wealth have been created in the computer business enterprise – Bill Gates of Microsoft Corporation, 119.7 billion as of the year 2020, and many others in the bi lions as we l. Point out to me the Black man or woman who has benefited from this exploding industry, barring   which, we can hardly ever characteristic in this world any more. Bilions are being created through  the laptop with the useful resource of  each and every other crew barring     the Black race. Apart from Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, an inordinate large range of humans are getting affluent and rich inventing and assembling the computer. For a while, it viewed as if the Japanese had taken over; but  Caucasians and others show up to have snatched the pendulum. I am but to see a Black person who has started out a computer company, and taken it all the way to the market in an preliminary public .

We as Negroes needs to learn from other races . This is not time to wait for the other races to advance our lives . Let’s take for Instance , when an Indian relocates to Zambia for business, he will rent for an apartment which would accommodate five people . When he starts a business he would invite other Indians from India to help him do business together with him . In doing so , these people sleeps from the same house . The routine continues until they can rent another apartment and in most of cases they buy these apartments at affordable prices . This system continues until Indians scaters themselves in one area. They built their own schools , their own businesses of which zambians are crying for not being employed by them or paid less salaries.

Same can happen to the negroes, one we realise that of we can learn to live together and support negro communities , we are better to go . Hence, it Shou a mandatory that whenever a black man lives in area where he can create opportunities to fellow black men and women lets him do so for the betterment of his race . If the community has 10 000 Negroes , it the duty of the Negroes to know each other and to love one another. And make business opportunities for the race .. for it through togetherness, Love, pride in self race, cooperation and Unity that we gonna make our economy, Political and social status great again. We are not  doing this  for anyone else but for the back race . And once we have learned this rule , we would come to realize that we can be great People than anyone else in the world . Yes we can do it . For as long as our ancestors  did it , for as long as there are people before us who did it we shall fail not . For as long as we have people that are doing it specifically; China, Singapore, Britain, Finland, Norway , Germany extra . Africa can also do it . African is far much more resourceful  than any other race or continent on Earth . What mineral don’t we have in Africa ? Talk of trees , oil, fertilizer land , friendly weather etc . All what we need is new invention, invest in Africa,  we should stop exporting resources to other countries, Africa should start invest in her people. Invest in young generation because when the young generation grows up will have the power to change Africa , and the world at Large .

His Emperial Majesty Hailey once said,”Thousands of years ago, civilizations flourished in Africa which suffer not at all by comparison with those of other continents. In those centuries, Africans were politically free and economically independent. Their social patterns were their own and their cultures truly indigenous”.

However, if we learn our Melania greatness , the better we are . The time to revive the stolen legacy has come . The time to develop the world is long gone . This is the time that Africans develop their long periodically exploited mama land. Where ever you are , for as long as white man don’t recognize you as white man , Asiatics don’t recognize you as an Asiatic , Indians don’t recognize you as an Indian you are an African. Hence, it’s time that we make afrika great again. For Africans and for Africa only.

Auther : Mweemba Macshine

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