Investing in Africa


It is difficult to to unite Africa due to multilingual, multireligious and multicultural . But it is like drinking water to develop the might economy of Africa despite of multireligious, multilingual and multicultural because Africa has everything that it takes to bypass the world market standard .

Africa is endowed with vast natural resources. Any kind of natural resource that one would want to buy or to use in any production of anything, Africa has it . But due to lack of her children’s development in her ( afrika) she has been exploited and makes America the  richest CONTINENT on Earth . Comrades, it is Africa that developed America . Without the exploitation and robbing of Africa , Europe would not be the way it is today . But Europe would never accept the fact that she has done ill to Africa because what she did in 400 years ago has never stopped. Africa is still robbed and misrepresented by China, Europe , France and Germany and India. It’s upon ourselves to take control of our grant resources by God . Let everything coming from black land be in the hands of black man. Every black man has the right to own a mine, a land, a factory , a hospital, a school, a bank, a farm , an industry and many more in Africa . Let’s all African descendants come back here and reclaim all our resources .

Fellow Africans in the diaspora, it is time to come back to your mother and develop her . It is time to own your Manufacturing companies without paying extremely taxes like you do outside Africa . It is only us blacks the owners of Africa that would develop her . Not any other race . Never !

We are all aware  that  when you grew up in foreign lands ( Foreign races lands) , you were lied to that Africa is not a good place to live . They lied to you that Africa is full of uncivilized People, full of uneducated People , full of poor people, full of criminals and all sorts of names. But do you know what ? All they told you are lies to prevent you from coming back to Africa and hate yourselves more than them and being slaves of them forever. We should now unlearn all the lies and get back to the roots of our might History. No matter how bad they tell you about Africa they will never stop coming to Africa because they know that we are rich resourcefully than them . And they want to steal more than they have stolen from 400 years ago because of their lies and self confidence.

Fellow brothers in the diaspora, If we were to learn our true self and come back to Africa , invest in Africa, build in Africa , stay in Africa , build in Africa , learn in Africa, wear made  in Africa , drive Manufactured in Africa , and live in Africa and most importantly get citizenship in Africa . Africa would be the best and most attractive business place on Earth than no other CONTINENT on Earth. Because it is only us ( blacks) that can do it for Africa . It is our duty to do it for Africa and her People both present and the future generations. Africa can do it .

Comrades, let us all follow the foot steps of Akon , our fellow black by taking a tremendous step by investing in Africa . This is how we should should think of . Let us think of doing everything to our mother land without any shame and shyness . Africa is the source of everything. Africa is the only place of black people on Earth . Africa is our home , our land and our pride . Oh yes let’s come back to Africa children of might CONTINENT. Up you might race .

Comrades , China was made to be what it is today by Chinese folks not any other race but Chinese. And if Chinese made it , Africa also make it with no doubt .

Therefore, we are appealing upon all the black investors in the diaspora to start investing in Africa , to start building banks in Africa , to have their own farms in Africa and extra. Together we can make Africa great again . We lack nothing to build our mother land. Let’s talk of gold, copper, trees, zinc, Cobalt, oil, and all the kinds of natural resources that one would want is found in Africa

We must come back to Africa .

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